Provide Appropriate Context Information.

Which data is being used in the project? From which (social, local, temporal) context did these emerge? Why are we using this data? Which alternatives are there? Which role do gender identities have in the project? Why and in which form are we using gender as a factor?

Documenting and explaining choices is important for building a knowledge base and providing appropriate context. This includes questions about why and how gender was used and included in the research.

The origin of pre-collected data and the (in-)completeness of data sets are important aspects. For example, local and temporal origin of data lead to different outcomes.

Our position1 as and within a project team can also be relevant. Describing (and accepting) identities allows the viewpoint of the work to gain context.

  1. Who we are impacts what we may see, learn, understand. Our position in society thus also affects our work (hence, the term “positionality”).↩︎